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ATE Principal Investigator Resources

Dissemination Planning

Dissemination Resources from “Shout It from the Rooftops! How to Design a Successful Dissemination and Marketing Plan,” NSF ATE PI pre-conference Workshop, October 2011.

NSF Sample Abstract, Dissemination and Evaluation Plans

Link to Dissemination Resources

Link to Dissemination Template

Telling Stories with Data

What kind of data do you now gather about the success of your project? Why do you gather it? Who needs it? What does the data say, and what do you wish it said?

Link to Telling Stories with Data

ATE Central Outreach Kit

ATE Central Outreach Kit is an online toolkit created to help you disseminate your work and promote your project or center. The Planning Guide shows you, step by step, how to build and execute a realistic and achievable outreach plan. Learn new and innovative ways to reach your audience and connect with the ATE community and beyond with the Social Media Guide. Use the Communications Guide to craft your project or center's message, discover new dissemination paths, and learn to build your own media kit. In addition, you will find a Resources section which will direct you to some best practices within NSF and ATE, other free and low-cost outreach tools, further helpful links, and some suggested reading. If you’re ready to show Broader Impacts and ensure your NSF mission, then get started with the ATE Outreach Kit.

Link to ATE Central Outreach Kit

ATE Social Media Directory

With the help from SC ATE, ATE Central has created this online directory of ATE Centers and Projects that are using Social Media, along with some ATE partners and collaborators, so that you can easily find them for best practices, professional development, and staying in touch with the ATE community. If you would like to be added to this listing please email info@atecentral.net and we'll be glad to add your organization.

Link to ATE Social Media Directory

Getting Started for New ATE Grantees

NSF Pre-conference workshop PowerPoint presentation, October 24, 2012, ATE Principal Investigator’s Conference, Washington, DC.

Link to PowerPoint

Getting Started - EVALU-ATE

Getting Started - MentorConnect

Getting Started - Teaching Technicians

Financial Management for ATE Grantees

NSF Pre-conference workshop PowerPoint presentation, October 24, 2012, ATE Principal Investigator’s Conference, Washington, DC.

Link to PowerPoint

Project Management Timeline Guide for new ATE Principal Investigators

One-page, time allocation guide for new ATE Principal Investigators developed by experienced ATE Center Principal Investigators.

Link to Checklist

Guideline for preparing and submitting an ATE annual report to the NSF via Fastlane

Link to Guideline

ATE Program Survey

Link to draft 2010 ATE Program Survey that demonstrates the type of data ATE grantees should be collecting.

Link to Survey

Identifying your NSF ATE Program Officer

Steps for navigating Fastlane to identify the NSF ATE Program Officer who is assigned to your project.

Link to Steps

PI Guide

The Principal Investigators Garnering Useful Instruction on Developing [Project] Effectiveness (PI GUIDE) site is devoted to providing current and prospective PIs with peer guidance on building key skills in project management and the basics of change leadership (e.g., building and sustaining support among key constituencies, anticipating and adjusting to changing operational conditions, and institutionalizing the project’s activities.)

Link to PI Guide


Want to get started with Twitter? This brief tutorial was created by Mary Slowinski of Bellevue College, Bellevue, WA, for the ATE Synergy project, January 2011.

Link to Getting Started with Twitter