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These tips were submitted by various ATE Centers for publication in Advancing TECHNOLOGICAL Education: Keeping America Competitive, American Association of Community Colleges, 2005.

Tips for Providing Faculty Development

  • Provide corporate-quality professional instruction for faculty.
  • Schedule courses for faculty member convenience.
  • Design training facilities to accommodate all-day workshops.
  • Incorporate information about how to teach new skills.
  • Create networking opportunities for faculty to share best practices.
  • Provide resources for faculty to use as they teach the new materials.
  • Provide lab exercises and other instructional materials for faculty to use in their classrooms.

Tips for Attracting Faculty to Workshops

  • Offer workshops in different parts of the state, including cities and other locations that may attract people from rural colleges who like to get away.
  • Provide incentives such as tote bags, snacks, or inexpensive door prizes to workshop participants.
  • Provide lunch for workshop participants at the instruction site to minimize early departures.
  • Save money by using dormitories for lodging rather than hotels for multi-day workshops.
  • Schedule workshops for high school faculty on their professional development days rather than on Saturdays.
  • Use email lists to circulate workshop information to faculty.

Tips for Transferring Workshop Technologies to Classroom Practices

  • Bring in expert instructors to lead workshops at convenient locations.
  • Encourage faculty to attend as teams that include community college and high school faculty from different, but related disciplines.
  • Conduct pre- and post-tests to determine participant understanding of a concept.
  • Make workshops hands-on.
  • Use the best curriculum materials available from commercial and other sources.
  • Require participants to plan how they will integrate workshop information in their courses.
  • Follow up with participants six to 12 months afterward about their implementation plans.



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